10 best online collaboration tools for remote teams

GitLab is just one example from a long list of successful remote-first companies that have embraced remote collaboration as the future of work and encourage employees to work from home or remotely by default. Other notable examples currently hiring are Zapier, Slack, Buffer, Webflow, Ghost, Basecamp, Doist, and Hotjar. If you want an even more comprehensive tool to schedule meetings with your remote team, you should check out Calendly. Depending on your team’s brainstorming needs, Conceptboard has both free and premium plans (which start at $7.50 USD per user per month).

  • The handy screen annotation feature means you can highlight or draw directly on your pair’s screen when navigating, and with crisp audio and 5K visual quality, no detail gets lost.
  • This is something that is not always so easy, or glitch-free, with competitor software.” – Ryan Walker, CEO of education platform Beyond Academy.

Figma also integrates with dozens of community-generated plugins and provides templates to streamline work. Some analog tools are so helpful that companies have found ways to revamp them for the digital age. Teams that once enjoyed brainstorming on physical whiteboards can now use online versions. Platforms offering this tool sometimes couple it with video conferencing so teams can feel like they’re in the same room. Digital file management is essential for the smooth operation of any business. For remote-first companies, it’s often more important because geographically dispersed employees access files during times when their colleagues can’t be reached.

How to choose the right team collaboration tools

Basically, everything that remote employees need to know to do their best work and communicate as effectively as possible with co-workers. The added benefit of asynchronous work is that distributed teams can operate on a 24-hour clock instead of the traditional 8 hours. This can have huge benefits, such as https://remotemode.net/ unlocking the ability to respond to customer support inquiries around the clock. Your time (which, for all you know, could be 1 a.m. their time), World Time Buddy will do the work for you. If your design needs are more in the product design space, you should definitely check out the InVision platform.

  • It is suitable for video conferencing as well as for direct messaging.
  • Just like Trello, Asana has individual and project boards, and an option to create subtasks, but it doesn’t stop here.
  • Instead of using different tools for messaging, calendars, videos, and audio, use an all-in-one digital collaboration tool.
  • Its direct messaging system is perfect for when you need to be on top of a project or take care of an urgent task.
  • It provides powerful tools to help users organize their projects and tasks.
  • For teams, Google Meet is included as part of Google Workspace, which is free to trial for 14 days.

Wherever possible, you’ll want to use hard-wired internet, microphone and audio connections — not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth — to eliminate as much latency as possible. You’ll also want to connect with the fastest internet connection possible. Astronomy enthusiasts who use Apple devices are likely familiar with Night Sky, an app that lets you point your phone or tablet toward the sky to identify planets, stars, satellites and more. It’s a personal planetarium app that relies on location and the positioning of your device to calculate what to display. Night Sky also provides a forecast to let you know the best stargazing time for the upcoming night.

Work Management Software

While each tool excels in specific areas, choosing the one that aligns with your team’s unique workflow and requirements is crucial. These tools are also instrumental in ensuring remote teams stay efficient, engaged, and connected in the evolving work landscape. While there may be some overlap, each one of these tools would make a terrific addition to most teams’ tech stack.

  • Visme recommends itself for sales and marketing, HR and recruiting, internal communications, as well as education and in-house training.
  • It’s quickly becoming a favorite for smaller teams as the antithesis to Atlassian Jira, which has been the industry leader for years.
  • Asana could be the ideal project management platform to turn your company goals into reality.
  • However, some features, like screen sharing, can be very beneficial.

For pair programmers who want more than a generic screen sharing tool, check out Tuple. This innovative new app gives mouse and keyboard control to both parties, and because you can start pairing in just one click, there’s no need for collaboration to be delayed even for a second. The handy screen annotation feature means you can highlight or draw directly on your pair’s screen when navigating, and with crisp audio and 5K visual quality, no detail gets lost. All of this is achieved with a staggeringly low CPU cost to your machine and once you’re paired up, Tuple fades into the background so you to just focus on working together. Traditionally, work required people to operate in the same physical location.

GitHub: The best software development tool

Not only does remote collaboration allow team members to work anywhere, but it can also increase productivity when implemented effectively. File-sharing tools let you access documents and data on a centralized, organized platform. Instead of emailing documents around or asking someone for a file, you simply search for and grab the information you need. And most file-sharing tools have custom organization and access options so data stays secure. Geographically distributed teams often find it difficult to schedule meetings that work for everyone. Simply add the locations of your teammates and then drag and drop the slider to find a good time to meet.

remote collaboration tools

Seamlessly combine video clips, add effects, and create animated text with a whole host of user-friendly video editing tools. Explore Biteable for free with the watermarked plan or upgrade to a paid plan to remove the watermark. Collaborating with teams doesn’t mean all conversations and files should be public. Sometimes, you’ll want team members to have private conversations or work on sensitive projects. Make sure you look at privacy options before you choose a service.

Working remotely comes with enough challenges of its own, you don’t need your intranet to be another one. With these tools, remote workers can quickly identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and visualize data. This helps teams make better decisions and work more collaboratively. Confluence also integrates with other popular applications, such as Slack, allowing users to stay connected regardless of where they are working from.

remote collaboration tools

Here are some common remote collaboration challenges and best practices to overcome them. When you’re working in an office, it’s easy to see how your team is spending their time. But when you’re all working in different locations, it can be hard to know what your team is working on and for how long—which can cause productivity to take a nosedive. Mind mapping can be an extremely effective brainstorming technique, allowing your team to communicate, refine, and connect their ideas visually—and MindMeister allows your team to do that mind mapping online. Google Drive also syncs across devices (as long as those devices are online), so your remote workers can access the files they need—no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

10 best online collaboration tools for remote teams

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